Monday, April 6, 2015

I'm allergic to most foods except carrots because of cancer. Friends and strangers surprised me with this picture. Yes, I cried a bit.

(Update 9th April: Thank you Huffington Post, CTV News, The Mighty, and everyone on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posting your carrot pictures! #EatCarrotsForBrice. Thank you for your interest!)

They're eating carrots to know how I feel.  Yes, I cried a bit..

Hello I'm Brice. I've been mostly at home or in hospitals this year because of stomach cancer. 

Carrots are the only food I can eat consistently without pain. 

How do you survive on carrots? You can't. That's why I feel lousy most days so to cheer myself up, I put this note on my wall.

... but it's not inspiring anymore. 

Eventually friends and strangers sent pictures of themselves kissing and eating carrots. They're calling it #EatCarrotsForBrice.

Here's one example:

Their kindness made me tear up.. and the fun pictures made me laugh.

More people will take pictures of themselves eating carrots on April 19th for World Allergy Week to show me support. My mom will print the pictures and put them on my "Carrot Love Wall". It's empty right now...

Will you join them and be on my wall and raise awareness of food allergies? 

I don't want anyone to fundraise for me. I just hope you have fun, enjoy carrots, and raise awareness of allergies. I'm happy enough that my pain turned into something meaningful for everyone.

Thank you.

P.S: My energy is unpredictable so I am not always online. But you can reach me on Facebook and follow my healing recovery at:



"How can you survive eating carrots?"
You can't, that's why I feel lousy. :( I lost over 30 lbs (I'm around 100-110lbs at 5'11) and had many deficiencies because of malnutrition including anemia. I forced myself to eat other foods but it's hard and I didn't tolerate it so it backfires. Vitamins and carrots helped me survive for the past 3 years. I've been in the ER on fluids many times. My allergies and intolerances continue to be a struggle, and I am seeing specialists. 

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  1. Brice, please watch the 11 video series on "The Truth About Cancer". Avoid anything GMO.

    My love around you,